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Custom Banners for Special Occasions, Company Events and Celebrations


Custom banners are a high-impact, visual communication tool. Custom banners can be used to great effect for many promotional and celebratory purposes as well as for marking special occasions.

Bellevue Embroidery offers printing services to create custom banners for outdoor and indoor applications. The custom banners we make include:

  • Team banners
  • School banners
  • Company banners for conventions
  • Tradeshow banners
  • Club/group banners

Excellent printing can make a big difference to the attractiveness and effectiveness of custom banners, including team banners and school banners. We understand this and see to it that our printing on custom banners meets the highest standards of quality. 

To create custom banners of the top-most quality, we make sure to keep up with the advancements in printing technology. We invest in the best of printing equipment and experienced printing technicians to deliver custom banners, team banners and school banners that match up to clients’ needs and expectations.

Team Banners to Promote, Support or Recognize Players 


We specialize in printing team banners in vivid colors that can generate additional interest in any sporting event and charge up the environment at the venue.

We can make custom banners for cheering up a particular team, or supporting a player by calling out a special recognition for accomplishments.

Customers who come to us to get team banners printed are usually concerned about three things – the quality of the team banners, their cost and how fast they will be delivered.

We assure them of 100% satisfaction on all aspects by:

  • Ensuring quick turnarounds while making team banners
  • Creating finely detailed team banners with vibrant colors
  • Printing team banners that have a long lifespan
  • Charging reasonably for printing team banners 

School Banners to Promote School Pride, Teamwork and Event Awareness


School banners make up a big part of the custom banners we make.

School management and staff often get school banners made to observe and encourage the different educational and extra-curricular activities are intrinsic to school life.

We also make school banners to help schools strengthen school pride and team-spirit among their students. 

Our top-notch printing services are available for making:

  • School banners to promote scholastic and sporting events
  • School banners to celebrate special achievements
  • School banners to commemorate special occasions

A school’s identity is closely associated with its logo and colors. So, we pay special attention to ensure correct artwork and color printing on school banners. 

When you need quality custom banners, team banners and school banners at affordable prices, call Bellevue Embroidery at (425) 646-9191.