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Fundraising Shirts


Custom Made Shirts are a Great Choice for Your Fundraising Event 


Are you hosting a fundraiser to collect money for a good cause?

Make the event a huge success by offering your supporters something they will love to have, not something that soon ends up in the rag pile or charity bin. How about custom made shirts?

We, at Bellevue Embroidery, can create custom made shirts or personalized shirts with your logo or fundraising message imprinted on them. These custom made shirts motivate your fundraising team, supporters and general public, making the fundraiser enjoyable.

Our custom made shirts or personalized shirts have always been very well received by everyone attending fundraisers. The factors that make our customized fundraising shirts a great choice for these events include:

  • Our custom made shirts or personalized shirts are fashionable and fun
  • Our custom made shirts or fundraising shirts are useful items
  • Our custom made shirts keep the message in the buyers’ minds for a long time

Personalized Shirts Can Display Your Fundraising Message


We specialize in making high quality personalized shirts or custom made shirts that look striking with the exquisite printing done by our experts. We cater to any individual or organization in need of personalized shirts or fundraising shirts to display the social, religious or personal message behind their event. 

The diverse clientele that have ordered their custom made shirts and fundraising shirts from us include:

  • Schools
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Businesses
  • Charities
  • Clubs and social groups

Personalized shirts created especially by us to exhibit your fundraising message fetch endless exposure for the cause. Your supporters and buyers will love to don the personalized shirts even after the event is long over and thus, keep attracting attention to your noble cause.

Fundraising Shirts – A Large Selection of Styles, Sizes and Colors


Our experts can make fundraising shirts and personalized shirts for any cause or event.

We offer fundraising shirts and custom made shirts catering to diverse needs, tastes and sensibilities. You can get the personalized shirts and fundraising shirts you need to meet:

  • Different size requirements
  • Unique style preferences
  • Particular color likings

With our experience in making fundraising shirts, we know that custom made shirts that look, feel and fit well get picked up fast and raise good money.

Therefore, we take care to provide you with premium personalized shirts and fundraising shirts that your supporters absolutely love.

Generate awareness and funds for your cause with custom made shirts or personalized shirts from Bellevue Embroidery. Call (425) 646-9191 to discuss your order for fundraising shirts.