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Custom Sweatshirts and Custom Logo Shirts to Dress Up Your Team


Custom sweatshirts and custom shirts carrying your logo are great to give your team a sense of belonging and promote team bonding. Bellevue Embroidery can help you get them.

Being a locally run business, we are able to know you and understand exactly what you want when you come to us for custom sweatshirts and custom shirts.

We assist you at every step, from inquiry to delivery, as you get your custom sweatshirts and custom shirts.

We offer you:

  • Prompt and courteous attention
  • Detailed information to help you choose the right custom sweatshirts and custom shirts
  • Artwork assistance
  • Top-grade custom sweatshirts and custom shirts
  • On-time product delivery

If you want to experience how it feels to receive great products and great service, get in touch with us!

Custom Shirts, Jerseys and Custom Hats for Sports Teams


Custom sweatshirts and custom shirts are just some of the things we offer. We also carry a number of other customized items such as hats and jerseys.

Our custom sweatshirts, custom shirts, hats and jerseys are just perfect for sports teams and can be put to several uses, including as:

  • Uniforms
  • Cheer leading outfits
  • Homecoming apparel

What sets us apart from the other providers of custom sweatshirts, custom shirts, custom hats and jerseys is our amazing blend of quality and affordability.

We offer you a selection of quality products together with printing and embroidery of unmatched excellence to give you superior custom shirts, custom sweatshirts, hats and jerseys.

And, we back them with the most competitive prices!

Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items for Business Branding


Apart from custom sweatshirts and custom shirts, we also provide unique corporate gifts. 

We understand that to be really effective in business branding, corporate gifts and promotional items should be of high quality. Unless your corporate gifts are able to make a lasting impression on your target audience, the investment in them goes waste. 

We put all our expertise and experience into helping you get memorable corporate gifts that prove to be successful business promotion and branding ideas.Come to us for:

  • Corporate gifts that increase brand awareness and recognition
  • Corporate gifts that improve brand recall
  • Corporate gifts that build brand loyalty

The budget for corporate gifts varies for businesses depending on their scale of operation and stage of growth. Realizing this, we offer corporate gifts in small quantities too.

Check out the custom sweatshirts, custom shirts and corporate gifts available at Bellevue Embroidery today. Call (425) 646-9191 for details.