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They needed them fast, less than a week, and we had to have the bags ordered and shipped from Reno. We offered them advice on the thread colors on the text. They originally wanted black thread, which won't show very well, as the bags appear darker than pictured, so we suggested Light Silver.


Would just like to say a big thank you to you and your team for the bags. They look fantastic!

I am also very grateful for the quick turnaround time. So all in all a HUGE thank you to you all.

With very kind regards,


I LOVE Bellevue Embroidery! I have all my work shirts and jackets done there. I enjoy the fact that I can order from the latest styles in workplace fashions. They were friendly, prompt with our order and everything turned out great!

Jose R

Great service....truly!

Cooper S

Never had a problem ever, never wrong coat, wrong name or wrong design. always been exactly what we wanted

Mary C

Knew they cost more, and knew the quality was better. Nothing negative. Positive was the Selection, what they were offering, the examples they presented. The gentleman was very nice.

Krill B

No negative all positive.

Kelley S


Katie F

Evergreen Carpet Cleaning strongly recommends B.E. We drive down from Whidbey Island every time. If you want the best results for your money, and want to look professional above all else go here! Real people. Real professionals.

Ian A

Bellevue Embroidery has very high quality workmanship. They are always eager to make my project look fantastic and to complete the job on time. I have been using them consistently for the past 10 months and will continue to use them in the future.

Cindy H