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Event Convention Shirts


Customized Shirts for Company Tradeshows and Conventions 


Planning a company convention or tradeshow? How about getting your staff to sport customized shirts and corporate apparel for making the event more professional and successful?

Bellevue Embroidery offers expert shirt printing and embroidery services to make customized shirts that help your company/brand leave a lasting impression.

The customized shirts and other corporate apparel created by our shirt printing experts help your company improve its image among employees as well as the public. Your customized shirts and corporate apparel will help you in building a distinct corporate culture and encouraging communication and bonding among your employees.

Meanwhile, seeing your entire staff in customized shirts impresses your target audience and boosts their perception of your company’s:

  • Expertise and capabilities
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability 

Enjoy effective branding at cost-efficient prices! Utilize our shirt printing and embroidery services and get customized shirts for your employees to wear on special business events. 

Shirt Printing Services for Sports Teams and School Spirit Apparel


Our shirt printing technicians don’t make just corporate apparel. We also offer shirt printing and embroidery services for creating school spirit wear and customized shirts for sports teams.

Just like the corporate apparel created through our shirt printing services encourage loyalty among co-workers, our customized shirts and apparel for schools and sports teams also promote the spirit of unity. 

We love the way our shirt printing skills add to our customers’ wonderful memories of their own or their childrens' school days. We are proud to be reputed for:

  • Providing shirt printing in a multitude of colors
  • Creating logos and images in any size
  • Expertly reproducing even complex designs 

Corporate Apparel and Logo Wear for Company Events


Every business invests in corporate events, whether to strengthen reputation, improve industry standing, promote business or promote team-spirit among employees.

Our shirt printing and embroidery experts can help you increase the effectiveness of these events by providing you with corporate apparel or logo wear with customized shirts for your employees. 

The sight of your entire workforce attired in corporate apparel and customized shirts lends an air of professionalism and importance to your company event.

Moreover, a dress code of corporate apparel and customized shirts tends to remove barriers between employees and help them identify with the company’s:

  • Values
  • Mission
  • Aspirations

If you want to make your company events more productive, hire our shirt printing professionals to make your corporate apparel today!

To know more about the shirt printing services of Bellevue Embroidery in making customized shirts and corporate apparel, call (425) 646-9191.