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Custom Embroidery Services and Digital Garment Printing


Embroidery has a pride of place in the garment industry. Almost all the big clothing brands have a reputation for utilizing embroidery to define their products.Bellevue Embroidery offers custom embroidery services for personalizing a clothing item by adding a logo, image or message on it in thread. We also provide digital garment printing services. 

Our embroidery and digital garment printing experts cater to individuals, businesses and organizations. We offer embroidery and printing services to meet a multitude of personal and business purposes, such as making:

  • Custom T-shirts
  • Custom jerseys
  • Logo wear apparel
  • Uniforms
  • School spirit wear
  • Promotional products and corporate gifts

We do all our embroidery in-house and our vast hands-on experience has made us a pro at working on different types of fabrics. Whether our embroidery expertise is utilized for making custom T-shirts or promotional products, we ensure beautiful, neatly finished embroidery on every piece. 

Custom T-shirts, Corporate Apparel, Custom Hats & Sports Team Uniforms


Our exquisite embroidery or digital printing can turn plain garments into wonderful personalized items. The custom T-shirts, hats, corporate apparel or sports team uniforms created through our embroidery or printing make brilliant promotional products for a person, company, school or organization.

We realize that a project for making custom T-shirts or promotional products has several variables. By maintaining smooth work processes and stringent quality control measures, we see to it that all jobs for custom T-shirts and promotional products get done without any mistake.

We are confident of giving our clients no cause for complaint, be it about the:

  • Quality of custom T-shirts, corporate apparel or promotional products delivered
  • Speed in completing the embroidery or printing on custom T-shirts or other.
  • Accuracy of artwork put on custom T-shirts, promotional products and other items
  • Friendliness in customer service

Promotional Products and Corporate Gift Items


Along with custom T-shirts, a company must also invest in quality promotional products and corporate gift items to impress current and prospective customers.  

We provide embroidery and printing services to imprint company logos/messages on a variety of items for creating unique, personalized promotional products. We offer innovative promotional products and corporate gifts that help a business:

  • Project a professional image
  • Improve its branding
  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing customers

Contact Bellevue Embroidery for unmatched embroidery and printing services that give you the best possible custom T-shirts and promotional products. Call (425) 646-9191.