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All About Logos

Logo Digitizing is a process of re-creation of graphic images and text into an embroidery stitching program.

The digitizing is a one-time set-up process. However, it is not interchangeable from a pocket-sized set-up to a full front or full back size. (This may require another set-up, or major edits of the program.)Settings for different materials vary. Example: polo shirts, jackets, caps, hats, nylon, fleece, bags...all require adjustments in the programming to produce the best quality possible on the outcome of your project.It is not a one size fits all. Logos on shirts should be slightly smaller than on jackets. Logos will also appear more refined when embroidered on tighter weave fine fabric (silk or satin) than on coarse weave (canvas).

Got a Logo to send to us?

Please e-mail the high-resolution graphic image file to us using: .jpg, .tif, .doc, .pdf, .bmp or .gif formats to our technician's direct email

Or Fax it to us at : 425.646.9191 with colors noted on the drawing.It is recommended that we have a graphic file in print to compare and match the colors (in case our computer monitor setting may be different from yours).

Already have an Embroidery Stitching File:

Bellevue Embroidery is not responsible for the quality of work produced with a customer's existing files. If after reviewing of your existing embroidery file, and we find it needs editing, we will notify you of possible changes needed and estimated cost. At Bellevue Embroidery, our customers return because they are happy with our quality work, not because of unsatisfactory work.

Don't Have a Logo? No Problem.

  • We have a selection of over 15,000 stock designs plus 120 standard embroidery fonts.
  • A nominal charge may apply in creating a logo using stock designs.
  • Need Custom Logos? We have graphic designing experts on our team that can help you create a logo that brands your company or its services. Please contact Evelyn at 206.679.3569 for details.

Bellevue Embroidery's Logo Digitizing Charges:

  • Minimum Charge is $95.00
  • NO charge for first sew-out for proof approval
  • NO charge on minor edits such as garment settings and resizing of up to +/- 20%
  • NO charge on re-order set-up
  • NO charge on thread color change for application on different color garments. Example: Black on Red, White on Red, Red on Black, or Navy on White
  • 50% minimum deposit is required before work can begin. Balance Due on completion of logo.

There are no Hidden Fees.

Our Quote is Your Price.