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Art Conversion Consulting


Logo Digitizing Can Transform Images and Text


Quality garment embroidery comes from proper logo digitizing. Logo digitizing is the process of transforming graphic images and text into embroidery stitching programs.

Bellevue Embroidery understands that logo digitizing quality can make or break a custom embroidery project even before thread is laid to fabric.

Our logo digitizing experts work carefully, even with intricate designs and tiny alphabets, to complete logo digitizing with unmatched precision.

All logo digitizing jobs are done taking into account the:

  • Type of fabric (silk, canvas) for which logo digitizing has to be done
  • Clothing item (shirt, cap) logo digitizing has to be done for
  • Design size (full shirt back, shirt pocket) logo digitizing is meant for

We charge no logo digitizing fee for the first sew-out made for proof approval.

Logo digitizing set-up for re-orders is done at no cost, and there is no charge for minor edits in logo digitizing such as resizing of up to +/- 20% or thread color change for different color garments.

Your Logo Design on a Variety of Clothing and Products


When we skillfully embroider your logo on garments and other products, such as bags, it creates a powerful marketing/branding tool for your company.

Our accomplished digitizers and graphic artists bring out your logo beautifully on any item of clothing you want, ensuring:

  • Precise artwork
  • Right fonts
  • Correct colors
  • Refined finish

Do you have a custom logo design that you want embroidered on your clothing items? Please email it to us in a high-resolution graphic file in any of these formats: .jpg, .pdf, .tif, .bmp, .gif or .doc.

We would like to have a graphic file in print to compare and match the colors to ensure that the logo design comes out accurately on all your products. 

Custom Logo Design to Help Brand Your Company or Services


In case you don’t have a logo, we offer you a selection of 15,000 stock designs to choose from. Or else, we can create a custom logo design for you.

The graphic artists we have on our team are pros at creating custom logo design that brands your company or its products/services. 

Our custom logo design experts assure you of:

  • Practical, attractive and memorable custom logo design
  • Evergreen custom logo design you can use for years
  • Outstanding craftsmanship in custom logo design
  • Quick turnaround time for custom logo design
  • Quality custom logo design at competitive pricing

Call (425) 646-9191 for more details about the logo digitizing and custom logo design services of Bellevue Embroidery.