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Silk Screening


Silk Screening Services for Business, Club and Sports Team Apparel


Silk screening, also known as silk screen printing is a technique by which an image is printed on a cloth using a screen made from silk and a stencil. Silk screening is a traditional printing method and considered one of the best ways to print on cotton.

We, at Bellevue Embroidery, offer silk screening services to make personalized T-shirts and other apparel.

Silk screening or silk screen printing is our preferred garment printing technique because of the superb quality and vibrant finish it produces.

If your club, sports team or business needs reliable silk screening services to make personalized T-shirts, sports team wear or logo wear, come to us.

Our experienced silk screen printing experts work diligently so that your personalized T-shirts and apparel are just what you want. Choosing our silk screening or silk screen printing services assure you of:

  • Fine-looking personalized T-shirts and apparel
  • Competitive prices
  • Exceptional customer service

Personalized T-Shirts with Full Color Printing


Personalized T-shirts are just the thing to give a unique identity and sense of unity to your employees, club members, teammates or extended family members. Personalized T-shirts also help make your event memorable.

And, there is nothing like a personalized, ‘one of a kind’ T-shirt to help you stand out in a crowd!

Come to our expert silk screening technicians for awesome personalized T-shirts that showcase your creativity and bring your special people together. We offer high quality, full color silk screen printing to create images that do not fade, crack or peel. 

With our dependable silk screening or silk screen printing services, getting inspiring and professional-looking personalized T-shirts becomes an enjoyable project that is:

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Smooth and hassle-free

Silk Screen Printing Services for Small or Large Projects


No silk screening or silk screen printing project is too big or too small for us.

Whether you want our silk screen printing professionals to create a single customized shirt for you or need silk screening services to make hundreds of personalized T-shirts, we can handle your job.

Our foremost priority on any silk screen printing job is to keep the customers happy by delivering impeccably printed, personalized T-shirts and apparel. Our silk screen printing experts put all their silk screening expertise and experience into your project to assure you of personalized T-shirts that:

  • Meet your needs and expectations
  • Stand the test of time
  • Justify our stellar reputation in the silk screen printing industry

To contact Bellevue Embroidery for silk screening services, call (425) 646-9191.