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T Shirt Printing


T-Shirt Printing Services Logo Wear, Clubs, Teams and Schools


There is nothing quite like logo-imprinted custom T-shirts to catch the eye of a target audience. If you need a T-shirt printing expert to put your logo on T-shirts, Bellevue Embroidery is the right place to come to. 

With our extensive experience and expertise in T-shirt printing, we have become pros at creating custom T-shirts printed with the customer’s unique logo, design, name or image. The custom T-shirts that our T-shirt printing services produce make the ideal promotional products for any business, event or cause. 

Our T-shirt printing services are utilized by a diverse clientele for getting custom T-shirts. This includes:

  • Schools 
  • Sports teams
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Clubs, bands and youth groups
  • Businesses

Come to us for high-quality T-shirt printing that imprints your logo or message not only on your custom T-shirts, but also on the public’s memory! 

Custom T-Shirts with Full Color Image Printing


Our T-shirt printing experts specialize in creating custom T-shirts with full color image printing. We do not limit the T-shirt printing to only solid colors and can give you just the custom T-shirts you desire. 

T-shirt printing is done using pigment-dye technology that results in high-resolution printing. This ensures that the image on your custom T-shirts looks bright and impressive for a long time and experiences:

  • No fading
  • No cracking
  • No peeling

Just mail in the picture or artwork you want imprinted on your custom T-shirts to us or bring it to our T-shirt printing professionals on a media storage device. We will have your custom T-shirts ready within no time! 

T-Shirts, Custom Sweatshirts and Hoodie Printing


Our printing services are also available for garments other than T-shirts. We provide:

  • T-shirt printing
  • Sweatshirt printing
  • Hoodie printing

What you are sure to love about our T-shirt printing services is that these are not bound by any number. Whether you need us to do T-shirt printing for a single shirt or want our T-shirt printing experts to make hundreds of custom T-shirts for you, we are here to do it all.

So, you can use our T-shirt printing services to get a large number of custom T-shirts made for business promotions or for using as a uniform.

And, you can also come to us for T-shirt printing to get a few custom T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies made for family reunions as gifts for your loved ones. 

When it comes to T-shirt printing for making custom T-shirts, nobody does it better than Bellevue Embroidery. Call (425) 646-9191.